Erik Otte
compositions for guitar and other instruments

9606 Trois berceuses for flute (or violin/viola) and guitar 7' (3) prv
One of my first works for this combination. Written in a very friendly French idiom, with an obvious wink to Gabriel Fauré.
Very suitable for starting professional flute-guitar duo´s

Suite Rio de la Plata prv
A four movements suite for guitar and piano 13' (4-5), based on Argentine rhythms.
There is a "mp3 virtual version" available on this site
Available for purchase via SheetMusicPlus.

0301 O Amor natural for two guitars/voiceprv
Five poems of the Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade I have combined with swinging and melancholic music. This is for two guitarists, one of them has also to recite the texts (then there is no playing at that specific moment for him/her). Preferably for one female and one male player.
Of course this can be performed with duo and singer also, there is some humming somewhere in the piece