Erik Otte
compositions for guitar and other instruments

9605 4 Dances 4 2 11' (4) prv
Four fun pieces in a virtuoso style, without being too difficult, lots of nice duo effects. The last movement is a challenging samba. Ideal for both players and audience! Dedicated to Pieter van der Staak
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9712 Six old Dutch dances (after J.Röntgen) 10' (4)
Six pieces, collected by Tielman Susato, arranged by the Dutch composer Julius Röntgen and rearranged in a more modern idiom
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9609 Cancion y danza No.1
Written as a homage to Federico Mompou. So, a slow cancion and moderately fast dance
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Gran Jota para dos guitarras(5)
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9507 Sonatine12' (4)
Written for the Netherlands Guitar Duo. Like a German friend told me: "A little bit Ravel and a lot Erik Otte"

9759 Variations on a theme by Federico Mompou 13' (4-5) prv
I used one of the nicest themes ever "written" in history: the Canco No.6. This is a set of six challenging variations

9106 Six Romantic Preludes8' (4-5)
Six rather virtuoso pieces, bearing in mind the style of Alexander Scriabin. Written in 1990/1991. (Handwritten score)

9688 Introduction et danse 6' (4)
After a slow introduction a lively dance appears, which leads to an exciting finale. (Handwritten score)

9898 Burengerucht op Nr.67(3-4)
A very modern piece with lots of crazy effects, especially written for a TV-broadcast (VPRO) in 1992.
Looks very virtuoso for the audience, but is actually quite simple for professionals (Handwritten score)