Erik Otte
compositions for guitar and other instruments

erik otte

Composer, arranger, guitarist, producer of music tracks with virtual instruments. Was the half of the former "Netherlands Guitar Duo" (1983-1998). Guitar teacher since 1974. Current domicile: Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Born 1955. Played the violin from the age of 8 until 12 . Studied sociology for a few years at the University of Leiden. Dedicated to the guitar from the age of 15. Studied at the Conservatory of Music in both The Hague & Rotterdam. Attained the degrees of DM in 1984 and UM in 1986. Main teachers: Bert Maas, Dick Hoogeveen and Toyohiko Satoh. Attended master classes with many famous performers including: Hubert Käppel and John Mills. Formed the Netherlands Guitar Duo with Juun Voorhoeve from 1983 until 1998. Played at many concerts and master classes all over the world.

Founded the Amstel Guitar Quartet (-1999) with Robert Bekkers and others.
Worked with many other very fine musicians and singers including Marianne Kweksilber (mezzo-soprano), Esther van Straalen (viola) and Liesbeth List (Mauthausen/Theodorakis).

Started composing in 1986, mainly for the guitar and later for many different kinds of ensembles and small orchestras. Pieces for two guitars were performed very often by the Netherlands Guitar Duo. At a later date became interested in making virtual music: composing, producing and editing. In 2003 and 2004 the Dutch Postal Company TPG used one of my short samples for their television broadcast advertising campaign.

In 1999 went into dedicated web design.

Current occupations: teacher at the Haarlem Music School (Hart Muziekschool), composer, web designer.

2008 Production of Authentic Guitar.